Like a traditional planner, only better.

Join the paperless movement of digital planning.

With the traditional paper planner you get the chance to personalize your planner as you want.

With the calendar apps out there you're able to reschedule and delete all the clutter in the calendar. But it's not so fun and not especially creative.

Enter the digital planner.

Digital planning is like planning on paper, only easier and much more fun. You can easily add stickers and washi tape and you never run out. The pages in a digital planner are also easy to duplicate so there will always be space for your planning.

With this course in digital planning we use Goodnotes as the go to app for keeping your digital planner, but you can use which notes app or pdf annotation app you want for your digital planner.

The course is a beginner's course and covers the basics of digital planning with Goodnotes. You don't need to buy a planner to get started. We have created a digital planner to help you practice during the lessons in the course.

Are you ready to start your digital planning journey? Enroll in the course and let's get started!

This is what you'll learn:

  • How to get started with digital planning with Goodnotes app

  • Create planners and stickers of your own

  • Guides, worksheets & planners included in the course

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to this course

    • Materials to get started with digital planning in Goodnotes

  • 2

    Stickers & washi tape

    • Create a sticker book

    • The elements feature in Goodnotes

    • What is Washi tape and how can you use it in your digital planner?

  • 3

    Your digital planning journey forward

    • Create your own digital planner

    • The Plan to Play course

    • The Plan to Play digital planner walkthrough

Your instructor

Senior Instructor

Theresa Widjeskog-Ahlman

I truly believe that every person is creative, and I have a true passion for helping people to get into their creative flow. I have been a creative teacher for more than 25 years, and during my journey I've helped thousands of people in all ages to get in touch with their creativity. My expertise covers a variety of topics such as lettering & calligraphy, drawing, arts & crafts, planning & journaling and decluttering and organizing.