Planning is like cake.

At first it's boring.

But you have to lay the foundation.

But then you build layers on top of each other.

And the boring parts suddenly make a lot more sense.

Everything is laid out in a logical way.

(And it gets yummier and yummier.)

Sketch of cake in the making

Finally you have your master plan ready.

(With the cherry on top.)

From busy to business.

This is the roadmap for your life and business.

Here's how it works:
I believe in planning in layers.

First layer is the foundation.

We help you figure out what you actually want and what to let go of. Sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. In order to plan effectively, you don't want everybody else's plans sneak in and take up all your space.
You want to plan for YOU, not for anybody else. Our planning system helps you set boundaries and guard your time and calendar. With the roadmap you're going to set up for yourself, you will gain the confidence to politely & gracefully say no to people and projects that don't move your life and business forward.

Second layer is where we help you get your sh*t toghether.

When you've let go of the toxicity and start building up healthy habits for yourself (see first layer) we help you set those goals for yourself & organize them in a logic and reasonable way. We set up systems for your everyday work so that you can cut hours off your workweek. We believe that small changes in your everyday systems can save you hours every week to do the things you love & make huge impact on your wellbeing in the long run.

The roadmap to your future.

This is the final layer where everything comes together in a beautiful way. With our planning method we look at your goals and help you set a solid long term plan (1-3 years or more, it is up to you) and break it down into bite size daily action steps in order for you to reach those goals. This is where you also get introduced to our unique 6 WEEK 5 DAY formula which is a practical every day system designed to help you navigate your way towards your long term goal & vision in life.

The cherry on top.

This is where you get your reward for everything you've done so far. If you're anything like me, you love the act of planning in and of itself. Maybe you're a bullet journal enthusiast like me. Planning can be so much fun! This last section is for your creativity and playful inner child to enter the stage. It is aimed to inspire you towards a joyful, quirky and wonderful planning journey.

Piece of cake.

When you have set your roadmap and you are ready for a piece of that delicious cake, you get all the layers at once. Everything is interconnected in your planning: your long term goal connects with your daily habits as well as systems for your time management and daily tasks. Piece of cake!


Senior Instructor

Theresa Widjeskog-Ahlman

I truly believe that every person is creative, and I have a true passion for helping people to get into their creative flow. I have been a creative teacher for more than 25 years, and during my journey I've helped thousands of people in all ages to get in touch with their creativity. My expertise covers a variety of topics such as lettering & calligraphy, drawing, arts & crafts, planning & journaling and decluttering and organizing.

A solid plan towards your future.

We help you discover the best version of you.

  • Master your day with proper time management.

  • Beat procrastination once and for all.

  • Get from overwhelm and confusion to clarity & joy.

  • Learn how to journal for goal setting & self discovery.

  • Give your inner child a chance to play & heal!

We know your time is valuable.

That's why we won't waste it.

  • Create your business roadmap

    Set a solid plan for all aspects of life: Grow up, clean up, show up and wake up!
    Our courses are designed to help you get in touch with your inner creative genius every single day.

  • Worksheets and templates

    An abundance of worksheets and other resources to help you during your learning journey.

  • Declutter your calendar!

    Our courses are designed to help you find time in your calendar. We also want you to be able to add joy, creativity and beauty to it.

  • Simple living.

    With creative planning and journaling you discover where you really want to spend your time and energy.